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Mar 31, 2013 5:30am PDT
the ones that the u.s. and south korean governments have displayed to make sure that kim jong un does not make reckless miscalculations. >> he may also be following a pattern used by his father. >> the fact that his threats have not worked may prompt him to take more actions. the key thing now for south korea and the international community is to convince them that he will have more to lose if you follow that path. around 60 members of the complex clan have held a rally in memphis, angry over a decision to rename public parks that had been named for leading figures in the southern confederacy. the mayor says that the city made the best of a difficult situation. >> we in this region took what could have been the worst of times and turned it into the best of times in terms of showing that we can tolerate dissent. >> israel has begun pumping natural gas from the fields. ae prime minister called it historic moment for them nation. spring is in the air for the northern hemisphere. is actingthe climate differently. >> on a cold morning sue and her for signs searching of spring in this forsy
Mar 30, 2013 2:00pm PDT
, but they're jsuust unpredictable. >> kim jong-un threatened to attack the u.s. for military exercises including b-2 bombers. breakshei do not think war out. if it does, the north will fall. why would they start a war to kill the same race. >> others say the threats should not be taken at face value. this is kim getting popularity at home. >> it is regime security. this is to bolster the new leader. it comes from the nuclear tests and the u.n. sanctions. >> north korea is known for being unpredictable. seoul is ready for the worst. >> a gunman has gone on a rampage in a pakistani school as the principal was killed and six children wounded. more from karachi. >> wounded school children taking to hospital. after they should have been celebrating -- celebrating a prize ceremony, -- >> two men came in on a motorbike. >> a man ran in firing and we were all engrossed in the magic show but as soon as the firing started there was a stampede. >> panicked relatives crowded around the primary school in a low-income neighborhood. >> as a result -- the school principal has died. >> the pr
Mar 13, 2013 5:30am PDT
exercises. the state-run media has released the images of the leader kim jong un inspecting military units near the border, the latest in its series of threats from the north. attention on the korean peninsula has reached the highest in years. the un and the u.s. have imposed tighter sanctions on north korea for nuclear tests. officials in china have collect the bodies of 6000 pigs near river -- from a river near shanghai. providespu river drinking water to 20 million people, but scientists say it poses no danger to humans. >> and other unwanted cargo of carcasses. these animals were among thousands collected from the river where they had been thrown either dead or dying. fromags indicate they came a village upstream. tests on a water sample taken from the river have shown the presence of a virus bent, and among pigs but harmless to virus that is common among six. >> some farmers would think it's bad luck to see them and they have a bad reaction, which is controlled them away carelessly. and the animals can end up somewhere they should not be. >> like in this village, is upstream fro
Mar 27, 2013 7:00pm PDT
korean television showed pictures of leader kim jong-un -- the military was doing what it could to turn up the tension. they informed south korea they were cutting off the hot line that connects the two militaries, saying that no words, only arms would work. another statement from the foreign minister was relayed by a newsreader. >> the korean peninsula is now in a touch and go situation due to the nuclear war provocation of the u.s. and south korea. they are entering the final stage of the all-out showdown with the states. >> the foreign minister statement also said a final decision had been reached to take military action. it sounds like a clear threat, but the conditions for doing so have already been met. at the same time, pyongyang is sending a direct message to the un that could be seen as conciliatory. ertainly -- there are no consequences of the hotline cutoff. the line is usually used to coordinate the travel of south koreans every day. south korea said direct lines to the complex were working. south korea's government talks about more engagement, not less, including the possib
Mar 12, 2013 5:30am PDT
army unit -- comments from kim jong un. the language he used and the specific nature. he told the troops stationed that once an order is issued, you should break the waste of the crazy enemies, totally cut their windpipes and show them clearly what a real war is like. very fiery rhetoric, even in the context of the kind of stuff coming out of north korea in recent days. he also told them precisely what to target -- radar posts, 130 meter rockets, 150 millimeter howitzers and missile should be targeted, showing how much appears to know about the military assets station. showing he is a strong military commander in the vein of his father, giving on the spot guidance. but i think some context as an order. he is not ordering the immediate destruction of the island. it is more how his troops should respond in the event of a conflict. i think that is how it is seen here in south korea. the defense millet -- defense spokesman refering to this as a psychological -- but more movements as north korea does expanse of military exercises scheduled to act -- last until the end of april. what is
Mar 14, 2013 5:30am PDT
netanyahu's new coalition. , kim jong-'s leader un, has overseen a live fire military drill near this disputed border. the area is described as a hotspot. the exercise was held just days after north korea threatened to wipe out a south korean island. it is official. china has a new president. xi jinping has been formally approved to take over from hu jintao. he was named chief of the communist arty in november. his new title gives him power over chinese -- the chinese army. he will tackle corruption at every level of the government and has pledged to put a stop to extravagant displays of wealth by high- ranking officials in his party. he also calls for a closer partnership between china and the united states. >> the official announcement that came on thursday that xi jinping is the president of china is the culmination of its consolidation of power. he began back in november when he became the president of the party, the head of the military, and now the state. with that power comes challenges. but the ones that have been identified by xi jinping is the corruption in the government an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6